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Crippen Hose 2 LampEngine Company No. 2 is located in North Grafton, Massachusetts, and was originally formed as the Henry Crippen Hose Company No. 2 in 1888. The 1900-1903 Town Reports list payments to the Company of $170. In 1903 the Company's inventory was "one hand engine, 1 hose jumper, 1 combination hose wagon, 900 feet of good hose, 400 feet fair hose, 4 20-foot ladders, 2 22-foot ladders, 3 rubber coats, 2 pairs rubber boots, 3 lanterns, 2 gates, 10 spanner wrenches, 5 hydrant wrenches, 1 jack, 2 fire extinguishers, 4 pipes, 5 nozzles, 3 axes, 6 soldiers' coats." The fire signal at that time for the north end of town was the steam whistle at the Nelson shoe factory.

Hose 2 in 1969

1929 American LaFrance

Engine 2

The first pumper housed at Station 2 was a horse-drawn pumper known as Emperor Hose Co. #2. The Emperor is currently housed in the restored Fisherville fire station in South Grafton. In 1929, an American LaFrance pumper was placed in service, designated as Hose 2. The successor to the 1929 American LaFrance was a 1958 American LaFrance Pumper. This truck was damaged by a fire in the truck but was rebuilt and placed back in service by Station 2 men.

New Engine 2 in 20121982 Temporary Engine 2 in 20121984 Engine 2 in 2004A 1984 American LaFrance Pumper, designated Engine 2, was purchased to replace the 1958 pumper. This was the first custom-ordered class A diesel-powered pumper in Grafton.

In 2011, the 1984 American LaFrance was retired due to pump issues. In its place, a 1982 Ford/Pierce Pumper was purchased from New Castle, NH as a temporary replacement.

The Grafton Fire Department has taken delivery of a 2012 Pierce Saber Class A Pumper that is now in service as Engine 2.

Truck 61976 Truck 61939 Truck 6

Truck 6 is GFD's Air & Light Unit. This truck is responsible for refilling breathing air cylinders and providing scene lighting at incidents. The first Truck 6 was a 1939 GMC Light Truck converted from a forestry truck in 1960s.

The 1939 truck was replaced with a 1976 Chevrolet/Pierce unit, which was then followed by a 2009 International/Pierce Air & Light unit.

Engine 10

Engine 10 primarily serves as a brush truck. The first truck in this role was the 1939 forestry truck that was later converted to Truck 6. The 1939 was replaced by a 1961 Ford/Farrar truck designated as Truck 10. Truck 10 was replaced with a 1990 Ford/Eagle designated as Engine 10.